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Bake N Blend Set

Sale price163,00 kr

Get ready to unleash your inner makeup artist with Dose of Lashes' must-have Bake N Blend set! This all-in-one set is packed with everything you need to achieve that coveted filter-like finish to your makeup.

The set includes the Heart Puff Large and Small, perfect for achieving a flawless powder application and made from soft velvet-like material that allows your powder makeup to blur seamlessly into the skin for a dreamy, poreless finish.

For an even and perfect makeup application, the set also includes the Baddie Blender XL and Curved. The XL version is perfect for ensuring all your makeup is applied evenly and perfectly, and the Curved version is designed to offer effortless and flawless makeup application - ensuring all parts of your face are covered. Both are vegan, cruelty-free, and latex-free, making them perfect for those with latex allergies.

With Dose of Lashes' Bake N Blend set, you'll be able to achieve a filter-like finish every time and make your makeup look like it's done by a pro!


Set Includes

1 Heart Puff Large

1 Heart Puff Small

1 Baddie Blender XL

1 Baddie Blender Curved

Bake N Blend Set - Dose of Lashes
Bake N Blend Set Sale price163,00 kr