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Article: Warning – buy our false lashes at your own risk

Warning – buy our false lashes at your own risk - Dose of Lashes

Warning – buy our false lashes at your own risk

We owe our customers an apology.

Since we started up in 2020, our false lashes have flown off the shelves. In fact, earlier this year, our little business hit 100,000 orders – a milestone we’re incredibly proud of.

But unfortunately, it seems our falsies are causing a few unexpected side effects.




All we can do now is say sorry. And make sure from this point onwards, they come with a warning.

These falsies are just too damn pretty for their own good. Strips that look like real lash extensions? What on earth were we thinking? It’s a bit of a disaster🤦‍♀️. So please, save yourself the money (and hassle) and go back to the heavy stick-ons of 2019 or your clumpy trusty mascara.

Because if you treat yourself to DOL false eyelashes, you might just regret it.


False eyelashes available at Dose of Lashes


5 reasons to never add DOL falsies to your MUA routine


1. You’ll develop an addiction

For both false lash first-timers and seasoned falsie veterans, it appears the outcome is exactly the same. Once you try our fake lashes, you’ll be instantly hooked.

Every second of the day will then be spent thinking about them. When can you get your next fix? Is it acceptable to place another order so soon after the last? Are there any new styles to try? Can you afford to buy every lash in the line-up?

It’s all-consuming and, unfortunately, there’s no cure.


2. The compliments are relentless

On average, you’ll get at least 100 compliments a day. No exaggeration.

After all, these are the best false eyelashes that money can buy. People will notice. And as nice as lots of compliments may sound, the truth is, it does start to get a little tiring.

Yes, I know – my lashes look unreal, blah, blah, blah. Can we talk about something else now? 😴


3. You may have to change your number

Post a selfie wearing DOL fake eyelashes and you’ll have to face the fallout.

Your phone will immediately blow up with notifications. Friends, family, workmates, passing acquaintances, that random girl you spoke to once at uni – all wanting to know. Are those extensions? And if so, who the hell is the genius lash tech responsible?

At the very least, you’ll need to get a new number. There’s a chance you may even have to go off-grid.


Putting on false eyelashes


4. Your lash tech will disown you

She may be an expert, but even she can’t tell the difference between our falsies and professional lash extensions. They look so amazing; they can’t possibly be stick-ons…The logical explanation? You’ve been to someone else.

You may as well delete her from your contacts list, because she’s officially fallen out with you. And regardless of how bad the ‘lash emergency’, she won’t answer your calls ever again.


5. Going ‘out out’ will never be the same

Putting on false lashes is a big part of your night out. Fiddling with the glue, willing them to stick, panicking when they don’t (and sipping a little vino to calm you down). Then waiting for the inevitable moment – at about 2am – when they suddenly ping up at the corners.

It’s tradition – but unfortunately, one that will come to an end.

Thanks to our 2in1 lash adhesive liner, our falsies are super easy to apply. You’ll have them on in no time – meaning, there’s no excuse for more pre-drinks. And they won’t budge until you remove them, no matter how hot things get on the dancefloor.

Nights out are, officially, ruined.


Best false eyelashes available to buy


Buy DOL fake lashes at your own risk

Priced at £28 for a pack of 3, we appreciate just how hard it is to resist our false eyelashes – so it’s a case of do or die.

If you’re desperate for stunning fan-framed eyes (without the eye-watering price tag), sure, browse our full collection and pick out a few styles for those upcoming occasions. But just be warned – our falsies may come with consequences. And the question is, are you willing to take the risk?

After all, we’re sure your old mascara will do the job… almost as well. 🥴

If you’ve already shopped with us and have any further ‘complaints’ to add, be sure to tag us on Insta using #doseoflashes. We’d love to hear about your experience of wearing DOL falsies, no matter how bad.


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