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Article: The best false eyelashes for your eye shape

The best false eyelashes for your eye shape - Dose of Lashes

The best false eyelashes for your eye shape


We’ve all been there.

Sat at home, contemplating life, and asking google questions like…


Will my round face suit short hair?

How should I dress a pear-shaped figure?

What foundation shade will complement my complexion?


But have you ever considered – which are the best lashes for your eye shape?

Nope, we didn’t think so.

Did you know, there are actually six distinct eye shapes? Round, almond, upturned, downturned, hooded and monolid. And in the same way that one dress can look incredible on you but terrible on someone else, each shape is better suited to a certain style of lash.

Our advice? Stop guessing and choosing your falsies at random.

To find out whether you’re a wispy and winged or bold and voluminous kinda’ girl, why not take our little quiz? And discover which DOL false lashes we’d recommend for your peepers.


False eyelashes for every eye shape

Which eye shape do I have?


Question 1 – When your eyes are open, do you see a crease along the top lid?

No – you have monolid eyes

Yes – continue to the next question


Question 2 – If you were to draw a straight line through the centre of your eyes, would the outer corners be above, below or right on the line?

Above – you have upturned eyes

Below – you have downturned eyes

On the line – continue to the next question


Question 3 - When open, are your eyelids clearly visible?

No – you have hooded eyes

Yes – continue to the next question


Question 4 – Can you see the whites of your eyes under the iris?

Yes – you have round eyes

No – you have almond eyes



Which are the best false lashes for my eye shape?


Best false eyelashes for monolid eyes

1. Monolid eyes

Most commonly seen in beauts of Asian descent. Monolid eyes are flat on the surface and have a very fine crease – or in some cases, no visible crease at all.

The natural lashes tend to be fairly short and straight. So when it comes to falsies, it pays to go top-heavy. Choose something voluminous, fluttery and multi-layered to really open up the eyes.

DOL recommendation: BADDIE®



Best false eyelashes for upturned eyes

2. Upturned eyes

If your eyes are upturned – á la Kendall Jenner – you’re a lucky girl. With the outer corners slightly tilted upwards, you’re naturally pre-disposed to create a sultry cat-eye effect.

Avoid anything too heavy or thick-set, and instead, stick to something light and fluttery. In fact, half lashes – which gradually increase in length towards the outer edge – are usually all it takes to perfect the look and emphasise your upward feline flick.

DOL recommendation: SOULMATE



Best false eyelashes for downturned eyes

3. Downturned eyes

Just as the name suggests, downturned eyes have a slight downward tilt at the outer corners. It’s a vintage shape reminiscent of 1920s glamour. So to keep things classic, it’s worth choosing false lashes that are winged and will lift and extend the corners.

Nothing too dense or voluminous, as it can accentuate the downward turn and make you look a little sad. Go for something wispy and natural-looking, with that signature cat-eye curl.

DOL recommendation: SPONSORED



Best false eyelashes for hooded eyes

4. Hooded eyes

With hooded eyes, the crease is much lower over the eyelid, and you’re likely to have a prominent brow bone. As a result, when your eye is open, the eyelid won’t be very visible.

The wrong false eyelashes can pull the top lid down and make your eyes look heavy. So again, avoid anything particularly full or straight-cut. Instead, the ideal lash will be a fluttery and wispy mix – with lashes that are longer in the middle, directly above the pupil, and tapered at the ends.

DOL recommendation: MISS FOX



Best false eyelashes for round eyes

5. Round eyes

If you can see most of your iris, the chances are, you won the genes jackpot and were blessed with round eyes. The kind that you see on a doe-eyed Disney princess – just IRL!

In terms of fake lashes, this is a versatile shape that you can afford to play around with.

However, we’d still advise shying away from heavy lashes, as these can weigh down the eyes and make them look smaller. Instead, flaunt what your momma gave you and emphasise those big, beautiful peepers with a lightweight and curly lash.

DOL recommendation: SHE CUTE



Best false eyelashes for almond eyes

6. Almond eyes

Not only is this the most common eye shape, it’s also the most flexible.

Characterised by slightly pointed outer edges and a wider centre, where the curve of the iris is hidden by the upper and lower lids. Almond eyes will suit pretty much any type of fake eyelash. So why not dare to be a little adventurous?

Show off the shape and create a bold look, with dramatic falsies that are long, voluminous, evenly distributed across the band and demand people’s attention.

DOL recommendation: ICON


False lashes available at Dose of Lashes


Want to try the best false lashes for your eye shape?

You’d be a fool not to.

No more picking the first falsies that you see. Or choosing fake fringes at random. The perf set for you 100% depends on the shape of your eyes. And it’s about time you took that into consideration, before throwing any old lashes in your basket.

Either start by trying our top recommendation. Or scroll through our full range and find a set that matches your criteria. Here at Dose of Lashes, our strips cost just £10.99 each – or you can get a pack of three for £28. So why not experiment with a few different styles and finally find the ‘one’?

And remember, you’re always welcome to get in touch. Whether you’d like further advice on the best false eyelashes for your personal peepers or have a question about any of the styles in our line-up, just fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.



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