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Article: Strip lashes – 7 facts that will make you a fan

Strip lashes – 7 facts that will make you a fan - Dose of Lashes

Strip lashes – 7 facts that will make you a fan

Always just been you and the trusty mascara?

Perhaps it’s time to be a bit more adventurous and pop your strip lash cherry…

We get it. For a first-timer, falsies can be a little intimidating. Are they difficult to apply? Do they look too dramatic? Will they ruin my natural lashes?

The answer is no, no, and no.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there, which is bound to have put you off. But trust us; if you give them a go – just once – we reckon you’ll never look back with those stunning fan-framed eyes.

Here are just a few reasons to ditch the black XXL mascara in favour of strip eyelashes by DOL.


Putting on strip lashes from DOL


1. They look amazing

Nothing beats a good pair of strip lashes.

Think about it – why do mascara adverts always mention creating the ‘false lash effect’?... Because they’re the queen of eye make-up!

Long, fluttery, curled to perfection. Falsies can transform your look in a matter of seconds – adding length, colour, definition and a dose of sexiness that’s impossible to achieve with any wand mascara. No matter how magical it claims to be.

Many styles are even made to look like real lash extensions. So convincing, you’ll be constantly hassled with the question “Who’s your lash tech babe?! I need their number.”


2. There’s a strip lash for every occasion

Not all fake lashes look ‘fake’.

They’ve come a long long way since the OTT stick-ons of yesteryear. Today, they’re available in a variety of materials, lengths and styles – with the perfect pair to suit every occasion.

Sure, you can still get ‘going out out’ falsies that are bold, dramatic and make a statement. But for the casual day-to-day moments – when mascara isn’t quite enough – there are also plenty of natural styles to choose from, which create a subtle yet stunning look.


DOL strip eyelashes


3. They’re kind to your lashes

Did you know, mascara can be a right b*tch?

The formula itself can damage your natural lashes, making them weak and brittle. And all that scrubbing at the end of the day? Trying to get the clumps off with your cleansing pad? Not only can it lead to eyelash loss, it can also irritate the delicate skin around your eyes.

By contrast, strip eyelashes are a saint.

Whatever style you choose and no matter how often you wear them, they have zero effect. Wearing falsies can actually strengthen your natural lashes, making them thicker and lusher.


4. They save time

Whether you’re bleary-eyed at 6am or getting glammed up for a hot date, the best strip lashes will speed up your MU routine and save you hours of time.

Imagine it. No need to apply coat after coat of different eye shadows. Or to layer up mascara (whilst praying for no clumps). With falsies, one simple step is all you need to elevate your look. And thanks to our 2 in 1 Dream Liner, applying them like a pro is quicker and easier than ever.

Just draw a line, stick them on and you’re good to go.


2 in 1 Dream Liner for applying strip lashes


5. They’re perfect for when you’re totes emosh

Feeling a little delicate right now?

Don’t worry, strip lashes will see you through.

They’re 100% tear-proof. Which, for the emotional times – when you’re at a wedding, watching a sad movie, in the throes of full-blown PMS – can be a real godsend. Let it all out…who cares? Unlike mascara, you can blub as much as you like, without having to worry about facial train tracks.

In fact, falsies are incredibly durable. No matter how long you wear them, or whatever you get up to during the day, they won’t budge or deteriorate – meaning you’ll always be camera-ready.


6. They can be re-used

Many people don’t realise this, but fake lashes are not disposable.

They’re designed to be used over and over again, allowing you to create the same beautiful fluttery look day after day – without having to spend a small fortune.

This is one area in which our strip eyelashes excel, here at Dose of Lashes. Made using exclusive UNYQTM technology, most of our styles will last up to 50% longer than classic falsies. As long as you look after them correctly, they can be re-used 15-30 times. No sweat.


7. They can give you a confidence boost

Perhaps you’re working with a pretty skimpy set of real lashes? Maybe you haven’t been blessed with Disney princess eyes? Or those dark eye bags have suddenly turned into suitcases?

Whatever it is that you’re self-conscious about, strip lashes can help.

They’re a bit of a miracle worker, really. Put on the right pair and they’ll enhance your eyes, making them look bigger and brighter and more awake, and you’ll instantly feel more feminine and flirty. The perfect confidence boost to kick-start your day.


Examples of strip lashes available at Dose of Lashes


Ready to dump the old mascara?

We don’t blame you.

You can definitely do better hun. So why not scroll through our collection of strip lashes and give them a go? You won’t regret it. Once you try falsies, we’d like to bet, you’ll never go back to a basic mascara – no matter how faithful it’s been to you over the years.

If you’re still unsure or have any questions, you’re welcome to contact us at any time.

We’re a friendly team of two and – although we’re a tad biased about the benefits of fake lashes – we’ll give you honest answers and try to help in any way that we can. Just fill out our online contact form and we’ll respond to your message ASAP.


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