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Article: New year beauty resolutions

New year beauty resolutions - Dose of Lashes

New year beauty resolutions

Not to be all cliché with the ‘new year, new you’ thing. We know how new year’s resolutions are notoriously hard to keep. But you’ve got to admit, there’s just something about January that makes you want to shake off bad habits and instil new ones.

We’re not talking about starting a crazy gym habit.

Or cutting out your weekend pizza night habit.

Or habit-stacking a daily walk with mindfulness. 

But what if, in 2024, you just paid a little bit more attention to your beauty routine?

Not only could it help to provide a few moments of much-needed self-care, but it’s also a resolution that you’ll actually enjoy – and so are actually likely to stick to! Pledge to pamper yourself over the next 12 months and give our top six new year beauty resolutions a go.


6 new year resolutions for beauty lovers

 1. Give your makeup tools a good scrub

What do makeup brushes, powder puffs and makeup sponges all have in common?

They’re a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Used daily, it’s easy for dead skin cells, oils and general grub and grime to accumulate – particularly on makeup tools used for foundation, blusher and eyeshadow. Not only does it look pretty gross, but a build-up of dirt can (and usually always does!) lead to skin breakouts and irritation.

This new year, try your best to give them the TLC they (and your skin) deserve. Why not schedule a cleaning sesh every Sunday evening and start each week afresh with a squeaky clean toolkit?


 2. Streamline your beauty haul

We get it – new trending products can be just too tempting to resist.

But don’t believe everything the beauty industry tells you. You don’t need 100 different makeup brushes. There’s no point in having seven different foundations for seven days of the week.  And you definitely don’t need a line-up of mascaras all claiming to do different things to your lashes.

In fact, using too many different products can sometimes lead to skin dryness and sensitivity.

Maybe it’s time to have a beauty haul detox?

Start by checking the expiry dates on your cosmetics (the number inside the tub symbol is the number of months it should last from the date of purchase). Replace any makeup brushes and sponges that are looking a little worse for wear, and try to keep what you use to a minimum


3. Embrace everyday lashes

Did you know, mascara can be a bit of a devil in disguise?

The formula itself can damage your natural lashes, making them weak and brittle. Whilst all that scrubbing to get the clumps off can lead to eyelash loss and irritation around the eyes.

If daily glam is your vibe, over the next few months, why not try swapping that so-called volumising wonder wand for a set of our everyday lashes? Made using exclusive UNYQTM technology, not only do they look super realistic (and super cute!), they’re also ultra-fine and feather-light and super kind to the eyes. Wear them 7 days a week without the risk of any damage.

Everyday Lashes from Dose of Lashes


4. Try something new

Feel like you’re stuck in a beauty routine rut?

Without getting too deep, you only live once girl – so why not try to be a little more experimental this new year? 2024 is the time to be bold and make brave choices when it comes to your makeup. And the perfect way to start this new daring beauty era? Our Lemme Lash DIY Clusters.

The newest addition to our line-up and officially viral on socials.

Our Lemme Lashes are the latest way to achieve captivating salon-quality lashes from the comfort of home. Designed to give you greater control (and unleash your inner lash artist!), they come in five styles and five lengths –  all available in either a C curl or D curl. Plus they’re really easy to apply.

Be a little adventurous, give them a whirl and let us know what you think.


 5. Don’t sleep in your makeup. Ever.

It’s the first rule in the beauty book.

No matter how tired you are, no matter how late it is, no matter how inviting your duvet looks. You should never hit the hay without taking your war paint off first. Everything needs to be removed. Everything – except for our DIY cluster lashes, which can stay in place for 7+ days.

Our skin likes to do a night shift. It’s when it does most of its maintenance work, shedding old skin cells and bringing shiny new ones to the fore. So if you don’t have one already, invest in a gentle makeup remover and take a few minutes every night to get rid of those baked-in layers.


6. Go vegan-friendly and cruelty-free

Doing Veganuary?

Why stop at a plant-based diet?

As well as ditching your full english and morning latte, you could start the day with vegan-friendly and cruelty-free beauty products too. Not only are these fab for ethical reasons, they also tend to be better for you – typically free from any harsh chemicals and less likely to cause irritation or allergies.

From shampoos and hair products to face moisturises and our very own false lashes. Think about the cute fluffy bunnies this January and make a commitment to vegan beauty.

DIY Lash Clusters from Dose of Lashes


Ready for a 2024 beauty reset?

New year, new routines (sorry, we couldn’t resist!).

If your goal for 2024 is to create new beauty habits, why not try out a couple of our easy-to-keep beauty resolutions? And if that involves using a few new makeup tools, everyday strip lashes or DIY cluster lashes from the Dose of Lashes range, we’d love to know about it.

Place your order today, commit to fresh rituals and be sure to tag us in your selfies. This could be your best year in beauty yet!

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