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Article: Makeup essentials for a beginner

Makeup essentials for a beginner - Dose of Lashes

Makeup essentials for a beginner

New to the world of makeup products?

Experimenting can be fun, but it can also be a bit daunting.

Nobody wants to resemble Coco the Clown. And with so many formulas, makeup tools and brands to choose from, it’s super easy for a beauty novice to get super overwhelmed.

To help you get started, here we’ve rounded up a list of basic makeup essentials. Items that have earned their place in the perfect capsule makeup bag and will help you create everyday ‘barely there’ looks – with room for some evening and weekend glam.


Our must-have makeup kit checklist

From brushes to blushes, here’s the beauty products you 100% need.


  • Makeup sponges

A good makeup routine always starts with a good makeup sponge.

This is an essential beauty tool for blending creams, liquid foundation and powder formulas. It’s worth picking up a few different sizes, with a rounded edge at one end and a precision slanted tip at the other.

The ‘bounce’ technique can be tricky at first, especially for an absolute makeup beginner. But with a little practice, blenders are (by far) the easiest way to achieve an even complexion and flawless makeup look.


  • Makeup brushes

A good workwoman never blames her tools…but if you apply makeup with a spatula, it’s never going to end well.

To buff, blend and contour your way to a smooth and even look, you’re going to need a good selection of makeup brushes – including a mixture of brow, cheek, eye and lip tools. From a flat-top buffer and precision blush brush to a fluffy shader and tapered blender, equip yourself with the right set and leave the utensils in the kitchen.


  • Powder puffs

Powder puffs have been a mainstay of the basic makeup kit for decades – and with good reason.

Smooth and velvety, makeup powder puffs are designed to blend powder seamlessly into the skin. Invest in a mini puff for tricky-to-reach areas and a larger puff for full coverage. And with the right technique, you can avoid visible pores and streaks and achieve an airbrushed look that lasts.


  • Foundation

Foundation is the no.1 makeup bag essential.  

Two things are absolute musts: choosing the right shade for your skin tone and avoiding the dreaded cakey look. Do a bit of research, test out a few different formulas and find ‘the one’ for you.

To create a radiant ‘no makeup’ makeup look, a light formula is recommended – and never slather it all over your face. Just apply a little dab to places where you see uneven skin tone or discolouration.


  • A hero concealer

Another ultimate makeup must-have.

A hard-working concealer will hide discolouration, dark circles, fine lines, age spots, pimples, signs of that late night out with the girls etc. Pretty much any unwanted blemishes. Pair with an ultra-light foundation, apply with a makeup brush and blend and tap lightly to melt it into your skin.

If bright, fresh skin is the aim, concealer is your new BFF.


  • Translucent powder

Powder products are often avoided for fear that they’ll dry out the skin. But actually, they’ve come a long way in recent years – and now it’s much easier to find one that doesn’t cake or feel too dry.

A quick, light dusting is all that’s required to set makeup and control shine.

Just use a powder puff strategically to target the brows, nose and chin.


  • Rosy blusher

The fastest route to a perkier look.

A little blush will add a healthy splash of colour to the apples of your cheeks, instantly livening up your complexion. Opt for a traditional blusher in a rosy warm tone. Or if you’d prefer a sun-kissed appearance, dust a bronzer into the hairline, across the  cheekbones and along the neck.


  • A trusty mascara

Mascara is arguably one of the most important items in your makeup toolbox.

By adding thickness, length and volume to your lashes, a couple of light coats will open up and frame the eyes – creating stunning results with very little effort. Stick with a classic black (or dark brown if you have light hair) and really wiggle the wand into the roots to create a full, fluttery effect.

This is a true eye makeup essential and a failsafe way to create a glam look.


  • Eyeshadow

No makeup kit is complete without eyeshadow.

As a novice, it’s best not to go too wild with the colour – especially if you’re looking to create a barely-there daytime vibe. Just opt for a flattering neutral palette (think taupes, bronzes, creams, rose golds and minks) and wipe a small amount over the lid with the tip of your finger.

Slightly glossy and two-tone shadows are also a great way to add dimension. No complicated contouring required.


  • Lipstick

A statement lipstick has the power to completely transform your look. With just a few quick swipes, it can effortlessly take your makeup from am to pm – but it’s crucial to find the right shade.

Scarlet red is the ultimate classic. But if you’re less Marilyn Monroe and more of a Lady Gaga black lip kinda’ gal, that’s perfectly fine. It’s all about wearing a shade that makes you look your best and feel your most confident.

Apply straight from the bullet and blend out to the lip line with your fingers so that the edges are soft.


Skip to the good bit

Makeup application doesn’t have to be scary or overly challenging.

Just tick off the items in our beginner’s checklist to assemble the perfect makeup bag, and follow our simple makeup tips. Invest in some good-quality makeup tools. And try out a few different shades and formulas to work out which ones suit you best. Then it’s time to have fun and start experimenting!

We all have to start somewhere. With a little practice, you’ll soon be rivalling a professional makeup artist.

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