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Article: Lemme Lash – the best cluster lashes available?

Lemme Lash – the best cluster lashes available? - Dose of Lashes

Lemme Lash – the best cluster lashes available?

Once the height of innovation, DIY cluster lashes are now sold by all the biggest brands. And they’re all designed to do the same thing. To give you that long, fluttery look – the type that you can only usually get from a visit to the salon – without actually having to visit the salon.

The question is, with so much choice, why should you choose ours?

Lemme Lash Clusters - Dose of Lashes

Introduced earlier this year, Lemme Lash may be relatively new to the game – but they’re the ultimate game-changer. In fact, we think they’re the best cluster lashes currently available.

Reckon we might be biased? Maybe – but it does seem like people agree with us. They’re trending on socials, the glowing reviews speak for themselves, and we can’t replenish our stock quickly enough.

Why not give them a go and see what you think? Treat yourself to your first-ever Lemme Lash set and, the odds are, by this time next week you’ll be ghosting your lash tech and deleting the salon’s number from your contacts. You won’t need them anymore.

6 reasons to choose Lemme Lash

1. Salon quality (sans the salon)

Crafted from premium synthetic fibres (faux mink to be precise), our eyelash clusters have a natural appearance – yet are long, voluminous, fluttery and curled to perfection. i.e. they look like cluster lash extensions. But there’s no need to DM your lash tech or book an appointment at the salon.

Get the pro look at any time, without ever having to leave your home.


2. Customisable cuties

Time to unleash your inner lash artist. We’re giving you all the control.

There are four Lemme Lash styles to choose from. Each one is available in a C curl and a D curl. And in the box, you’ll find 50 cluster lashes, in lengths of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm.

From natural and wispy to bold and dramatic. With so many clusters to choose from, you can experiment until your heart is content and map out a unique lash style that works for you – tailoring it to the shape of your eye, the rest of your makeup look, the occasion, your current mood etc.

Lash Clusters

3. A natural look and feel

Thanks to our Hollow Lash Technology, all of our clusters are seriously lightweight. If we’re getting technical (and a little smug) they’re around 70% lighter than the average DIY cluster lashes currently on the market. Which means, they’re both super easy to apply and super, super comfy.

The kind of lashes that are made to be noticed, but to you, they’re barely noticeable.

They also benefit from a clear band, meaning they seamlessly blend with your natural lashes.


4. Easy application

Not sure if you’ve got the skills to be your own lash tech? That’s fine, you don’t need skills. Just our step-by-step instructions and Lemme Lash Bond & Seal.

Designed with flexi-brush technology, this allows you to apply the adhesive with ultimate precision – just like mascara. Simply coat a light amount of bond onto your natural lashes. Wait 30 seconds. Use a lash applicator to apply the clusters underneath. Then add a final seal to lock them in place.

Easy as that.

Forget about lengthy salon appointments at stupid-o-clock on a Saturday. With our DIY eyelash clusters, you really can do it yourself – creating profesh clustered extensions in just 10 mins.

Lemme Lash - D Curl

5. Apply. Seal. Repeat.

We don’t believe in single-use falsies.

Our cluster lashes are tough little cookies. If applied correctly and cared for with a little love, they can stay in place for up to 7+ days. You can shower as much as you like, work out, toss and turn in bed. It doesn’t matter. Regardless of what you get up to through the week, they won’t budge.

If that’s not impressive enough, they can also be reused up to three times.

Just use the Lemme Lash Gel Remover to take them off safely and gently, carefully pop them back in the box, and you can recreate the same stunning look next week (and the week after).


6. Kind to your credit card

Girl, don’t waste your money on spenny salons – or overpriced cluster lashes!

Lemme Lash Clusters are available for £12.50 a box. We’ve done the maths for you and that works out at just 9p per cluster per wear! Other leading brands are currently priced at about 25-50p per cluster per wear. So even if we do say so ourselves, you’re getting a pretty good deal.

There’s absolutely no need for clustered lash extensions to be an expensive habit.

With our clusters, you can achieve the same unreal results – no overdraft required.

Lash Clusters by Dose of Lashes


Feeling persuaded?

Or at the very least, a tiny bit curious?

DIY cluster lashes really don’t get any better than this. So why not take a look through the new collection, place a little cheeky order and give our fluttery clusters a go?

You’re welcome to contact us at any time. Whether you have a question about the Lemme Lash range, want to learn more about how cluster lashes are applied or would like advice on the best lash clusters for your eye shape, just fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

And when you take that selfie showing off your cluster lash extensions (trust us, it’s inevitable), be sure to tag us using #doseoflashes. We’d love to see those pro-level fan-framed eyes.

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