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Article: Harnessing the power of the powder puff

Harnessing the power of the powder puff - Dose of Lashes

Harnessing the power of the powder puff

Say hello to the latest addition to our line-up…


It’s velvety soft. Perfectly sized. Heart-shaped. And pink.

Far from the fluffy, messy puff found on Granny’s dressing table – circa 1940.

 DOL Powder Puffs


Setting powders do a fab job of minimising pores and holding your foundation in place – but only if they’re applied correctly.

Use the wrong tool and you risk removing your makeup masterpiece and replacing it with streaks. Use the right tool (i.e. a powder puff), and the right technique, and you’ll look as fresh in the pm as you did first thing this morning.

Here’s our quick guide to help you achieve a lasting filter-like finish. Practice makes perfect. So why not pick up a heart puff duo, grab your fave loose powder and follow our four easy steps?


4 steps to apply powder with a makeup puff

Excuse me while I powder my nose.


1. Apply your usual make-up

Slap on the base layer as per.

Primer, foundation, liquid concealer. Get it all on girl. But contrary to popular belief, don’t give it enough time to set. For best results, setting powder should be applied using a makeup puff whilst the underlying makeup is still wet. If it’s dry, the consequences can be cakey.


2. Sprinkle

Whether you’ve opted for a coloured or translucent loose powder, start by sprinkling a fair amount directly onto the powder puff – and resist that overwhelming urge to tap off the excess.

Instead, simply fold the puff in half and gently work the powder into it. That way, you can apply the perfect amount, without ruining your ‘fit with powdery dust.


Powder that can be applied with DOL makeup puff


3. Pat, but don’t rub

It’s powder puff rule no.1.

You need to be as light as possible. This is no time to be heavy-handed. Gently pat the puff all over your face to apply the first layer. Then, for the second layer, press a little more firmly – but never rub. It’s the perfect technique to prevent smudging and ensure your base layer is perfectly set.

For the smaller, difficult-to-reach areas – under your eyes and around the nose – you can fold the makeup powder puff in half. Or just opt for a mini puff to give you greater control and precision.


4. Think like Goldilocks

There’s a fine line to tread when setting makeup. Too much powder can start to look a little… plastic. Too little, and it won’t do the job effectively.

You need to find your ‘just right’. And the best way to check? Simply run the back of your hand against your face. If your skin feels smooth and natural, you’ve nailed it. If it feels wet or sticky, apply more powder. If it feels a little OTT, use a clean makeup powder puff to buff the extra away.

Visible excess powder can also be swept off using a large powder brush.


Makeup powder puffs available at Dose of Lashes


Upgrade your beauty routine with the DOL powder puff

All-day makeup perfection is just a puff of powder away.

We’ve launched two sizes, the HEART POWDER PUFF MINI and the HEART POWDER PUFF LARGE. Which can be bought separately or as a duo. And both will create an Insta-worthy smooth complexion, that lasts.

Even if you’re a powder puff virgin, our four-step technique is easy to master. And let’s face it, can you really resist such a super cute addition to your MU bag?

No, no you can’t.

So ditch the brush and bag your new heart-shaped besties today. And remember, you’re always welcome to get in touch babe. Whether you’d like further tips on how to use a powder puff or the best puff for your preferred powder, fill out the form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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