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Article: Get festival-ready with our DIY lash extensions

Get festival-ready with our DIY lash extensions - Dose of Lashes

Get festival-ready with our DIY lash extensions

Ready for festival season?

Hitting up the main stage calls for some pretty special lashes.

But the reality is, outdoor gigs can be hot, humid and subject to the (occasional 🤞🏻) downpour. And nobody wants to be that girl, hiding from the driving rain – desperately trying to get their falsies to stick. Or partying so hard their strips start pinging up at the corners.

It’s not a good look babe.

We’ve been there too and learnt our lesson the hard way – so this year we’re getting prepared. Whether you’re a Glasto girl or camping out at Download ‘24, our DIY lash extensions Lemme Lashes – are the smart girl way to look great all weekend.

Read on to find out why.


DIY eyelash extensions: 5 reasons why they should be your festival BFF

1. Staying power

Festivals are all about the long days and late nights…and our DIY eyelash extensions can certainly keep up with the pace.

Not only are they easy to apply, they’re fully waterproof and designed to be slept in. So once they’re in place, they’ll stay in place for up to 7+ days.

Elbow your way to the front of the crowd, dance until you drop in the blistering sunshine, get caught in that torrential downpour, take a shower or don’t take a shower (that’s your business!). Regardless of what you get up to in that muddy field, these clusters just won’t budge.

 2. Less fiddling, more fun

Any seasoned festivalgoer will agree – when it comes to doing your makeup, time is of the essence. Who wants to be fussing over their falsies when their fave band is about to start?

With our DIY lash clusters, you’ve already done the hard work. Roll out of your sleeping bag 10 minutes before the gates open if that’s your vibe – you’ll still have plenty of time to douse yourself in glitter, take those essential selfies and hit the bar for your first drink.

And when you get back to your 2-man pop-up circa 3am? Get that much-needed shut-eye without having to worry about taking them off.

 3. They’re a lightweight… in a good way

Made with Hollow Lash Technology, our DIY lash extensions are seriously lightweight. Around 70% lighter than the average cluster lashes currently on the market. Which means, they’re comfortable enough to wear for the entire weekend.

They won’t cause any irritation. They won’t start to itch. They won’t feel like they’re weighing you down. Or disturb those two hours of crucial beauty sleep you get each night.

Just enjoy yourself and you’ll forget they’re even there.

Lemme Lash Lash Types - Dose of Lashes

4. A base for bold eye makeup

Festival makeup has permission to be a little extra.

After all, what other occasion allows for that level of glitz and sparkle?

Making an impact is key. You need to pack a real punch without needing too much time (or skill) to get it right – and it’s fair to say, our DIY cluster lashes understood the assignment. With four styles available in both a C and D curl – in lengths ranging from 8 to 16mm – you can unleash your inner lash artist and create a look that’s long, voluminous and curled to perfection.

For more drama, just add stick-on gems and a flick of coloured eyeliner.

5. Budget-friendly

Festival-going can be an expensive hobby.

From costly weekend passes and transport to new ‘fits and overpriced drinks, it can all add up. So why waste your money at a salon, when you can achieve the same look with Lemme Lashes?

They’re currently available for £12.50 a box – which works out at just 9p per cluster per wear. Plus, they can be reused up to three times.

Once you get home, simply take them off using Lemme Lash Gel Remover, carefully pack them away along with your wellies and flower crowns, and you can recreate the same stunning look for your next summer event – and the one after!

We can’t guarantee you won’t be sliding in the mud…

But sliding into your overdraft? We don’t think so.

Festival smarter, not harder

Keeping your beauty game strong at a summer festival can be a challenge.

But the weekend should be about having fun, not dealing with eyelash malfunctions! So whether you’re destined for a soggy or sweaty experience, invest in our DIY eyelash extensions to keep you looking your best – whilst saving precious time and effort in the process.

Why not take a look through our full Lemme Lash collection and start prepping today?

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact us at any time. Just fill out our online form and we’ll respond ASAP. And when you take those Insta pics showing off your summer lashes, be sure to tag us using #doseoflashes. We’d love to see those glam festival-ready eyes!

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