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Article: Create a ‘doll’ look with our glam strip lashes

Create a ‘doll’ look with our glam strip lashes - Dose of Lashes

Create a ‘doll’ look with our glam strip lashes

Hi Barbie!

Want to create the trending ‘doll lashes’ look?

A unique combo of high fashion impact and vintage panache; this is a nostalgic trend that’s making a huge comeback (courtesy of K-Pop, beauty influencers and Barbiecore🙌). Mirroring the look of your plastic childhood bestie, it uses long and thick eyelashes grouped together in clusters, to open up the eyes and make them look bigger and rounder.

There’s definitely a fine line between doe-eyed perfection and a clumpy mess – so you need to be careful with this one. But don’t forget - ‘we girls can do anything’. It just takes a little practice.

So why not channel your inner Margot, grab your fave strip lashes and turn yourself into the cutest and coolest doll in Barbie World? Here’s a glimpse at how it’s done.

Get the doll lash trend

Behind the doll lash trend

Doll-like lashes have a long and illustrious history in the beauty industry. They were first seen on 1950s babydolls and 1980s Barbies. Before later becoming a defining feature of the 1960s ‘mod movement’, with celeb icons such as Twiggy and Sharon Tate making them their own.

Fast forward several decades and they’re experiencing a true revival – suddenly popping up everywhere, from big-screen movies and fashion runways to our social media feeds.

The key to this look is to embrace false lashes. Specifically, the thickest and longest false lashes you can find – with a rounded shape and clusters of varying lengths. Then, simply pair your falsies with a ‘less is more’ makeup look that lets your eyes do the talking.

How to create the doll eye effect

 1. Apply the perfect falsies

Here at Dose of Lashes, our collection of glam lashes features a number of Barbie-esque styles – perfect for creating the doll effect and making your eyes look bigger, brighter and more expressive.

One of our favourites? MATERIAL GIRL. Combining statement length with signature ‘doll-like’ clusters, these lush strip eyelashes are full, flirty and fluffy – perfect for creating a wide-eyed, fluttery look. They’re also made from 3D faux mink, meaning they’re 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Another fab option – our top-selling Russian strip lashes, HASHTAG.

Thanks to their long, voluminous design and full rounded shape, these are a super easy way to kick your eyes into doll mode. And as they’re made using our UNYQTM technology, they can be reused up to 60 times or more – meaning you can play with Barbie (looks) seven days a week if you wish.

2. Layer on the mascara

The goal is to make your lashes look as long and thick as humanly possible. So even once you’ve applied strip lashes, there’s no harm in adding to the effect with your trusty mascara.

For best results, hold the wand vertically instead of horizontally and comb it through your top and bottom lashes. Then, to add thickness – and help clump the lashes together in a doll-like way – try dipping the wand in a black loose powder eyeshadow before combing it through again.

DOL tip: doll eyelashes should stick together in clusters, but they shouldn’t look messy. To avoid big clumps, start at the base and use a toothpick to carefully pull the desired sections apart.

3. Accentuate the eyes

The doll lash look is intended to draw attention to your eyes – so don’t cause any distractions. Let your Barbie-inspired false lashes take centre stage and keep the rest of your makeup simple.

We’re talking a neutral, natural-looking complexion – with just a little bit of blush to add to the doll effect. Then, to accentuate the darkness and thickness of your lashes, perhaps apply a white eyeshadow – both to the inner rims of your eyelids and across the upper and lower lid.

Finally, don’t forget to tackle your brows! Whilst we wouldn’t recommend going too OTT with the brow pencil, a subtly styled eyebrow will attract more attention to the area and create the illusion that your eyes are even bigger.

Dose of Lashes - Create the doll look

Come on Barbie, let’s go party…

Or just get ready for a smartly timed Insta photo.

To give this retro trend a go, why not scroll our full collection of glam strip lashes and pick out a couple of doll-like styles? You’re braver than you think 😉 and we’re confident you can nail the look!

If you have any questions, you’re always welcome to hit us up. Whether you’d like further insight into how to perfect ‘doll lashes’ or would like advice on the best strip eyelashes to create a Barbiecore aesthetic, feel free to fill out our online contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

And if you do give the doll lash trend a whirl, remember to tag us in your pics on Insta using #doseoflashes. We’d absolutely love to see those big, doe-eyed results.

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