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Article: Can you wear false lashes every day?

Can you wear false lashes every day? - Dose of Lashes

Can you wear false lashes every day?

Love the feeling you get when you wear a pair of long, fluttery falsies?

That confidence, the sassiness, the sense of style. We get it. There’s nothing better. So the question is…why do we limit that feeling to just the weekend?

Does lash perfection really have to end, just because a new week begins?

Russian Strip Lashes from Dose of Lashes

No babe, no it does not.

Compared to the heavy stick-ons of years gone by, false eyelashes have come a pretty long way.

At Dose of Lashes, we now have a large selection of everyday lashes to choose from. Which means, they no longer have to be reserved for weekends or special occasions. You can wear those miracle workers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if that’s your vibe.

Here’s why it’s 100% acceptable to be a full-time falsie and don our everyday lashes – every day.

Everyday Strip Lashes


  • Keeping it real

Admittedly, there was a time when false lashes looked less understated, more… big hairy spider.

Sure, you can still get styles that are bold and dramatic. But these days, there are also a lot of natural looking false eyelashes available too. Or as we like to call them – everyday eyelashes. Offering just the right amount of length and volume, whilst being lightweight and comfy enough to wear all day.

For those normal daily moments – popping to the shops, heading into the office, meeting mamma bear for a coffee. They take your eye fluttering up a level and create a subtle yet stunning look.


  • No progressive damage

Made using exclusive UNYQTM technology, all of our everyday false lashes are crafted from ultra-fine and feather-light fibres. Which not only look super realistic, but are also super kind to the eyes.

No matter how often they’re worn, they won’t cause any irritation to the delicate skin around your peepers or lead to any short- or long-term damage. In fact, compared to a daily swipe of clumpy mascara, falsies can actually help to strengthen your natural lashes – making them thicker and lusher.


  • An affordable habit

Contrary to popular belief, falsies aren’t disposable.

The truth is, most styles in our collection – including our everyday eyelashes – can be re-used around 15-30 times. Because of their lightweight and high-quality nature, they actually last up to 50% longer than classic falsies, recreating the same gorgeous fluttery look over and over again.

Potentially, one pair of falsies could last you an entire month. And as all of our natural everyday lashes currently cost £10 each, that works out at a not-so-eye-watering 30p per wear.

Pop them on daily without a care in the world. At these affordable prices, you can get a glam fix daily – no buyer’s remorse required.


  • Speedy application

Forget about messy glues and fiddly magnets – they’re a thing of the past.

To apply false lashes like a master MUA, you just need our 2in1 Dream Liner.

An eyeliner that cleverly doubles up as an adhesive; it makes everyday strip lashes ridiculously quick and easy to put on (even for beginners). Just draw a line, stick on your falsies and you’re good to go.

Even when you’re bleary-eyed at 6am on Monday or rushing to get out of the door, there’s no excuse. One simple step is all that’s required to elevate your look and face the world with falsies.

Plus, all of our adhesive liners are free from harsh chemicals and kind to the eyes. And our falsies are just as easy to whip off as they are to put on. At the end of the day, they’ll simply pull away from your natural lashes – without leaving behind any lumpy residues or clumps of glue.

Dose of Lashes


Get that falsie feeling every. single. day.

The best falsies are made to be worn all the time. They’re just too special to save for ‘special’ occasions. So whatever day it is and whatever you’ve got planned, why not give the daily thing a go?

Our line-up of everyday lashes features some of our best-selling styles, including BADDIE®, SPONSORED, MISS FOX and lots more. Just choose your fave and wear them consecutively, for a minimum of seven days, and we promise you won’t regret it.

It’s perfectly okay to wear falsies every day and keep that good feeling going. All you need is the best everyday false lashes available (i.e. by Dose of Lashes), the best lash adhesive available (i.e. our 2in1 Dream Liner) and approximately 2 minutes of your time each morning.

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