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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Since Dose of Lashes was setup our founders have always been conscious of how the products we sell interact with the environment. We always try to use recyclable elements in all of our products.
Environmental issues are something that we care about deeply at Dose of Lashes and it is something which is taken into consideration at every level of our business. We are committed to becoming more sustainable as we grow, but still bring you the brand and products you all love!

We believe taking care of the environment is all of our responsibilities including our staff and customers.

Here is how we have been doing it

Labels - All of our labels both on our packaging and postage labels are 100% fully recyclable.
Mailing Bags - Our mailing bags are 100% recyclable and made from lightweight, strong polythene.
Signature Containers - Our signature pink containers and lids are made from Polypropylene which is the same material used to make microwaveable containers, carpet fibres and more which is all directly easily recyclable. When our containers are recycled they're typically turned into clothing fibres, microwavable containers and even speed bumps!