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5 Reasons Why 1000's Are Swapping The Salon For This At-Home DIY Cluster Lashes Kit

Are you longing for salon-worthy lashes but find it hard to fit salon visits into your schedule or budget? Discover why countless lash lovers are embracing this DIY Lash Cluster Kit for stunning, professional-quality lashes from the comfort of their own homes.

1. Cost-Effective Glamour on 🔥

Kiss those wallet-draining salon bills goodbye! Our Lemme Lash DIY Cluster Kits are all about slaying the cost game. Get those fabulous lashes from £0.72p per set that last up to 7+ days!

Now you can splurge on brunch, cocktails, or that must-have outfit and still look like a million bucks.

2. Convenience: Boss Babe Edition

No more rushing to fit salon appointments into your jam-packed schedule. With our DIY kits, you're the boss! Lash perfection is at your fingertips, right from your cozy throne at home.

No more trading in brunch plans or rearranging your day for lashes - you do you!

3. Lashes That Go the Distance

Our Lemme Lash Kits take just 10 minutes to apply, but they stay on for over 7 days, no matter what life throws your way. Plus extra brownie points for being reusable up to 3 times.

Showers, workouts, and even a little beauty sleep – they can handle it all while you stay at the top of your lash game!

4. Customise Your Lash Vibe

Lashes, just like your mood, should be customisable. With Dose of Lashes Lemme Lash DIY Cluster Kits, you're the lash artist.

Experiment with different lengths, volumes, and styles to slay any look you're feelin'. From subtle daytime glam to all-out diva, we've got you covered.  

5. Take Control, Like a Pro

Achieve those fierce results without breaking a sweat. Our DIY kits put you in charge. Take your time to ensure every lash cluster lands exactly where it should.

Say hello to a flawless, natural finish that compliments your unique beauty.     


Get life-proof salon-worthy lashes that last up to 7+ days, because you deserve it!

Au Natural Gift Set



Lil' Bit Extra Gift Set



Bringin' The Drama Gift Set



Unsure what curl you should choose?

We're giving you more control over the way you Lemme Lash by making all of our cluster styles available in both C and D curl, so you can make your perfect set.

C Curl

Balanced Look

Medium Opening Effect

Best For
Deep eyes, hooded eyes, monolid eyes, far set of eyes

D Curl

Dramatic Look

Doll Eyes Effect

Best For
Monolid eyes, slightly drooping or narrow eyes, almond eyes, round eyes